Xerjoff Join The Club 40 Knots (U) Edp 50ml

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Size: 50ml
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Discover serenity with Xerjoff Join The Club 40 Knots (U) Edp. Revel in the brisk cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean with woody notes for a truly luxurious, dry, and refreshing summer styling. Feel relaxed and confident as you sail the high seas - this highly boozy, elegant scent exudes nonchalance and a high-quality power. Indulge in a very sexy and distinguished escape.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Xerjoff's Join The Club 40 Knots (U) Edp 50ml. Choose from 10 different virtual clubs, each crafted from a unique blend of secrets ingredients. Join the real club with the included identification card and make lasting memories with every spritz. Be inspired and live your dreams!

Size: 50ml