Exit The King Edp (U) 100ml

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Size: 100ml
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Experience the ultimate transformation from the old world to a new one with Exit The King Edp. This stunning scent captures the vivid imagery and emotion of Paris in the moonlight with notes of superiority and submission. Your senses will be captivated as a powerful yet elegant aroma settles over you. Let the freshness of November 16th, 2019 whisk you away and make your hour of glory truly unforgettable.

Top notes: Timur JE™, Soap Foam Accord (Aldehydes & Musk), Pink Pepper JE™
Heart notes: Jasmine e-pure JE™, Rose Superessence, Lily-of-the-valley Accord
Base notes: Patchouli, Moss Absolute, Sandalwood Accord & Orcanox™

Size: 100ml